Thoughts on Being Healthy

Of course, we all want to be healthy.  But, let’s be honest, we face instances every day that challenge our intentions to lead healthy lives.  These instances are many and oftentimes we find ourselves submitting to what is expected in an effort to simply move on with our day rather than pushing back.

No doubt we are all in different stages of transition as we learn new ways to embrace our wellness, while being grounded by long-standing not-so-healthy traditions and ways of doing.  Fighting every instance would be exhausting and put us out there as “that health freak.”  Learning to recognize and prioritize the challenges one by one creates awareness and focus.  So that the next time we will be ready to take on that moment, stand up for healthier choices, and create wellness beyond just ourselves. 

Practicing yoga for over a decade has opened my mind to the many stumbling blocks that prevail in our current society.  With disease and cancer rates at crisis levels and on the rise in adults and children, through my new lens I am astounded by the paralysis of our society to react accordingly.  Is this a lack of knowledge, a lack of motivation, or a lack of confidence to standup to the old ways?  In any case, it has inspired me to share what I learn, encourage others to make individual changes, and to show how and why we should strive to make community changes.  If being healthy is confusing and overwhelming to us as adults, imagine how confusing and overwhelming they are to our kids or even our elders who have “always done it this way.”


Sami Glascott