The shared experiences that result management programs at the worksite affects how employees feel about their company, the pride they feel in the work they do and their genuine interest in the wellbeing of themselves, their families and their colleagues.
— Dr. Nico Pronk

Wellness Workshops

Whether your company is debating the need for adopting a wellness program, considering starting with a couple of wellness classes, in the beginning stages of developing a comprehensive program, or looking to assess or enhance an existing program, Unravel can help.  

If you are the owner, an executive, an human resources manager, or a wellness coordinator, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Learning to live a healthy lifestyle takes time, research, experimentation, and patience.  Unravel staff leads workshops that will provide employees with the tools they need to integrate healthy habits into their daily routine at work, at home, and into their family and community.  These workshops make for great Lunch & Learns.  Topics may include:

  • Ten Tips for Reducing Stress
  • Unraveling Healthy Eating Habits-Where to Start
  • Exercising Regularly-How to Stay Motivated
  • Making Healthy Decisions at Work and at Home



Evidence has shown that wellness programs that are developed and implemented by an executive team that is fully engaged in the wellness program themselves are the most successful.  This doesn't mean that executives need to be top runners at Mt. Marathon, but it does mean that as the company's leaders, executives are role models that drive organizational change and a culture of health and wellness. The focus of these workshops include the following:  

  • The importance of a workplace wellness program
  • How to design and execute a wellness program that fits your company
  • How to drive cultural change toward health and wellness
  • How to lead the company as a engaged participant in the wellness program
  • How to assess if the wellness program is working
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As a third party assessor, let Unravel evaluate the health and wellness of your company's operations and culture.  Using various proven methods such as on-site observations of space and operations, policy review, schedule review, interviews, and survey questionnaires Unravel can provide a comprehensive list of recommendations.  This service is particularly useful to small-mid size businesses who want an affordable way to determine how healthy their organization is and what changes they can make, big and small, to improve the well-being of their workers.  Understanding that little changes can make a big impact, an initial assessment followed up by annual assessments or regularly occurring consultation can lead to big changes for any company.